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Play “A Song of Love”

“Singing’ A Song of Love” For my grandchildren, who love singing. May their song last forever.
“O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus” For Elizabeth, who showed God’s love to so many.
“Once Upon a Time” For Ken, who demonstrated to me the value of telling stories.
“Lord, Sing Your Song To Me” For Jennifer, who listens so intently to His song.
“All By Grace” For Dave, who has grown with me in appreciating God’s grace.
“Psalm 139” For Rod, who lets me hear him sing the psalms of life.
“He’s The One” For Mom and Dad, who passed on to me a love for the old songs.
“I Will Greet the Day with Singing” For Kathy, who always cheers me, and never lets me forget this song.
“Flee As A Bird” For Doc, who shares my appreciation for this unusual song.
“My Prayer” For John, who helped me learn to pray these words.


To Conrad, my husband of 35 years, who has given me the consistent support, challenge and encouragement that I have needed over all this time. he hasn’t let this grandma give up singing yet.

To my sons and daughters and their spouses, who make being a mother a joy, and who help me to keep on singing the “song of love.”

To the special people in my life to whom I have dedicated these songs.

Donna Krieger


Song List & Lyrics

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         (Donna J. Krieger)


         (Donna J. Krieger)

         (Donna J. Krieger)

         (Donna J. Krieger)

         (Donna J. Krieger)


         (Donna J. Krieger)

         (Traditional melody; text – Dana)

         (Donna J. Krieger)


RECORDED AT: Max Trax Media, Fort Mill, SC
PRODUCED BY: Dave McCallister
Dave McCallister


PIANO: Donna Krieger & Dan Miller
GUITAR: Rod Lewis
BASS: Terry Peoples
PERCUSSION: Russel DeShields
SYNTHESIZER: Donna Krieger & Dave McCallister

Looking Back

Life is all about love. God’s love, first of all. And then learning to share His love with others. Dave McCallister exercised his expertise as a producer and arranger to make this album special. Rod Lewis’s guitar accompaniments on several of the songs are uniquely exquisite. I was teaching at Columbia International University when I recorded this and was inspired by my students there who love following Jesus.