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He’s here again. This time His body isn’t present. Just His Spirit. But with power to spare and power to share with thousands.

We had gathered together with a common joy and determination, and a sense of awe and worship. It was the Day of Pentecost. We had celebrated it many times in the past. It always was a time of thankfulness fifty days after Passover. But this day was different from all the rest.

Suddenly there came a sound from the heavens. Sort of like a mighty, thundering wind. Then a flame of fire appeared above each of us as we sat together in anticipation. Another miraculous event was occurring. A momentous occasion marking the fulfillment of the promise He had made. It was truly His Spirit, His presence, and we all felt it entering our very beings as it filled us with indescribable joy and courage.

We spilled out into the courtyard, and then into the streets. People who had heard the astounding noise paused to see what was happening. There were not only locals, but visitors from many nations who had come to Jerusalem to celebrate and feast.

As we interacted with them, they listened. The truth of Jesus was uttered in each language represented there. We had never studied their languages or practiced the sounds, but they came from our mouths with no need of interpretation.

Confusion was rampant. Jews, Arabs, Cretans, Romans (to mention just a few) were all hearing the message from Heaven in their individual languages and dialects.

Peter, emboldened by the Spirit, spoke for all of us. He stood and preached to the thousands gathered to observe the spectacle. “Believe in Jesus Christ, the One who was crucified and buried. Now He is alive again. God raised Him from the dead and made Him Lord of His kingdom forever.”

Following Peter’s address, thousands believed and were baptized. Of course, there are always scoffers and doubters. But they will not stop us from carrying out our Lord’s wishes. We will follow Him with renewed determination and increased love. Who knows where this will take us? Where will we go from here?