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He’s gone. The One who revolutionized our lives. His life filled ours with hope. His love was so radical that it included enemies. He was Light and Life to those of us who followed Him.

Now that life is smothered. One day He was alive and telling us of truth beyond our comprehension. The next day snuffed out like a candle. Crushed like a withered leaf.

How could we not see this coming? How was it possible that the Romans and the pompous Jewish priests could have this kind of control over Him? Hadn’t He proven His deity? Hadn’t He healed the incurable? Stilled the storms on the sea? Even raised the dead to life?

Where was all that power when He needed it the most? When we needed it the most? Why did He allow those maniacs to drag Him through the streets like a criminal? How could those vultures hang Him up to torture Him to death? To draw blood and spit on Him until He was a limp resemblance of humanity?

Now we huddle together in fear, experiencing horror, disappointment, anger, hatred, and humility. “It is finished.” He even muttered that as He was dying. Our life is over, too. What is finished? Life? Hope? Have we loved in vain? What now?