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Memory Lane

I took a trip down Memory Lane
With loved ones all around.
Their laughter and their chatter
Were such a joyful sound!
I gazed at familiar places;
Sweet music filled the air.
I saw the children playing;
I heard my father’s prayer.
At times I felt the stab of pain
As sorrows prompted tears,
But always that was minimized
By joy that spanned the years.
What a pleasant trip I’ve had!
What a ride it’s been!
And while we are together
New memories begin
To form within my tender soul
With thankfulness and awe.
I never will forget this trip
And all the things I saw.

         Donna J. Krieger

                  June, 2019


Today was once a tomorrow,
And will soon be a yesterday.
May I make it count,
As I hoped it would,
And become a good memory,
As I know it should.
May I never by sorry
Or ever feel
That I have lived today in vain.


Truth Marches On

Down through the centuries Truth has marched.
He has bravely borne his banner during countless attacks.
Over and over he has suffered assault, but never flinched.
Sometimes he has been abandoned by those who had feigned friendship.
But on he marches!
Loneliness does not delay him.
The enemy cannot slay him.
Lies do not change him
Nor discomfort rearrange him.
No matter the insults hurled at him,
He will prevail.
He will not fail.
Forever he will march.  Forever!
Such is his strength.  Such is his power.


In the Attic

I fondle the folds of silk and lace
And think of a bygone day and place
Where Mom walked with a steady gait
The aisle that led to her groom, her mate.
I picture her smile and realize
That she hadn’t a clue of the darkening skies
Over the horizon.

She walks no more, but with firm resolve
She faces the days as they evolve.
The view from her wheel chair is not always bright,
But she has endured since her wedding night.
Dad still sits in his favorite chair,
But he can’t see and he’s seldom aware
Of his surroundings.

The box containing Mom’s wedding dress
I gently replace with a soft caress . . .
Remembering that many a year
Has pressed the creases that now appear
Within the cloth and on her cheek.
This moment is a fleeting peek
At a lifetime.  


A Tribute to Dad 

He stood through the years with quiet strength like a mighty oak . . .
Roots running deep,
Drinking in every drop of water from the Word,
Weathering life’s storms with dignity,
And gracefully bending in the wind.
He reached out his branches with love,
Beckoning all to find shade in his presence.
Many will remember standing in his shelter and feeling safe.
Though the tree has felt the swift blow of the axe,
The seeds he has sown will live on
And bear fruit in his likeness.

Thank you, Dad, for such a godly heritage


God’s Multiplication

One fine day a long time ago a great crowd of people came

To hear the words of Jesus Christ, Who healed the sick and the lame.

The morning stretched on to noontime; the afternoon wore on;

And before the people realized, the whole day was nearly gone.


Now Jesus knew the people were hungry. His friends said, “Send them to town.”

But Jesus said, “No, we’ll feed each one; just have the people sit down.

Now bring to Me whatever you find that I might be able to use.”

They found a boy with a little lunch that he didn’t really want to lose!


All he had was five small loaves of bread and a couple of fish;

But he gave them to the Savior and said, “You may have them, Lord, if you wish.”

Then Jesus took that little boy’s lunch. He blessed and divided the food.

He gave it to his disciples to pass. The people ate all that they could.


When the crowd was fed and the meal was done, there still was food to spare!

The little boy had honored the Lord, and he had learned to share.

The Lord of Glory proved that day that He is Lord of All!

He can use anyone or anything. It doesn’t matter how small.


But remember . . . the little boy gave to the Lord all that he had that day.

His all was small; but when multiplied, there was extra along the way.

And Jesus wants to use you. He’ll use whatever you’ve got.

You may have only a little to give, but Jesus makes a little a lot!


New Life

I have new life!
This old dead branch
Has sprouted into bloom!
Let joy replace the gloom Of yesterday.

How can it be
That one so dead
Beneath the curse of sin
Should suddenly begin To live again?

Amazing grace!
That’s what it took
For Christ to bear the sting
Of death so He could bring
New hope to me.

Now I’m alive!
The life that’s bursting forth in me
Is born of one reality: Christ is risen!
One spring day He chased the winter cold away.


Spring’s Lesson

From my window I watched a branch.
All life seemed gone, But with a yawn
The sleeping limb awakened!
Little green shoots began to appear,
And soon it became abundantly clear
That life was the order of the day.
Not death, but life! What a glorious way
To envision resurrection!


Love’s Window

Love shines through its lovely window

With warm color

And exquisite design!

’Tis a shame that all the world

Cannot share

Such a window as mine.


A  Day  in  Spring

It was a day in Spring when an awful thing happened.
The sky turned black.  And with a crack
Of thunder the earth quaked.
Death was in the air! 

It was day in Spring when a glorious thing happened.
As morning dawned a cavern yawned
And opened wide its mouth.
One look inside
Revealed that death had not won.
Life was in the air!

It was a day in Spring that a wondrous thing happened.
The sky was bright, and like a kite
Unloosed from earth’s grip
The heavenward trip began.
Christ was in the air!


Morning Perspective

Morning peeks in the window . . .
Then tiptoes into the room . . .
Inviting me to gratefully enjoy
The possibilities in bloom. 

I cannot afford to ignore them
By turning away with a groan.
They are mine alone to cultivate . . .
’Til their fruit is finally known.



I will lay aside the covering,
Take off the protective layers,
And totally expose myself
To the light of God’s Word. 

I am vulnerable before Him.
His light reveals every flaw in my character,
Penetrates the coldness,
Melts the castles of ice built for defense. 

But in the process . . .
I will become
In attitude and perspective.



The heaviness will be lifted,
The dimness be made bright.
The hurting pain will be removed,
The darkness turned to light.

Someday there will be a permanent change.
All tears will be wiped away;
But even now, I find relief
In a temporary change today. 

For God blends peace with sorrow.
He balances the good and the bad.
He lets me fail in my weakness,
And then in His strength be made glad. 

So I will keep looking forward,
For after the night comes the day;
After life’s series of days and nights,
God will take the night away. 


Surprise Us, Lord 

Surprise us, Lord.
Our expectations are so small!
We stuff You into boxes
Where You do not fit at all.
We long for You to reveal Yourself
In new and special ways,
But fail to recognize You
In the midst of busy days.

Surprise us, Lord,
In any way You please.
Our self-conceived ideas
Stem from cultural “humanese.”
So let our hearts and minds, dear Lord,
Be open to Your plan.
Unfold Your awesome will in us.
Continue what You began.
Surprise us, Lord. 


How Do You Do It, Lord ? 

How do You do it, Lord ?
How do You light the morning skies
With soft colors, making praise arise
In my heart?

 How do You do it, Lord ?
How do You make my eyes to see
So many colors dancing brilliantly
Beneath the sun?

 How do You do it, Lord ?
How do You make a little child
So beautiful that my heart goes wild
With praise?

 How do You do it, Lord ?
How do You love me all my days,
And in mercy bury my erring ways
At the foot of the cross?

 How do You do it, Lord ?
How do You walk and talk with me,
While on this earth I cannot see
Your face? 

I only know you trace
My winding path with love and light
So I can make it through the night.
Thank You, Lord!


My Heart’s Treasure 

I have a treasure deep in my heart.
It was hidden there long ago.
And though it is old, it seems ever new,
Like gems of gold just discovered.
It’s brightness draws me
To rightness,
To lightness
As cares are lifted.
I am free again,
Like the child who gladly tucked away
This treasure,
Knowing it contained the key
To eternal life.


A  Poignant  Evening

Surrounded by friends, yet so alone!
A warm upper room, but chilled to the bone
By the dread of desertion. 

Prepared for a feast, but no appetite.
Girding a towel in the low lamp light
Soon to be extinguished. 

The promise of ages soon to be fulfilled.
The voice of God’s Truth soon to be stilled,
But not for long. 

Here sits the Saviour, the Passover Lamb,
Caught in the thicket like Abraham’s ram.
Ready to die but dreading the pain,
Experiencing loss for permanent gain. 

Hear His words.
See His hands.
Feel His love.


Bethlehem Mystery 

In a crudely built manger filled with hay
The Architect of galaxies lay.
Seeing the world now with human eyes,
The eternal Word spoke through baby cries.

His mother reached gently to touch His face
And to ponder in silence God’s amazing grace
That provided a Savior to rescue the lost.
But how would this happen?  What would it cost? 

Mary and Joseph and shepherds looked on . . .
Wondering, worshipping, gazing upon
This precious gift wrapped in swaddling cloths,
Sent from heaven . . . surely cause far pause. 

Were there unseen angels guarding Him there?
Did the God Baby hear His mother’s prayer?
Such mystery the whole scene inspires!
Such faith and trust this miracle requires!