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He’s back. He is here. In the flesh. At first, we assumed He was a ghost. Maybe even a figment of our imaginations. The trick of wishful thinking?

But now we know. Now we see Him. Touch Him. Eat with Him. Listen to Him as never before. His voice is the same. His body hasn’t changed except for the scars. How did His wounded skin heal so quickly?

But that’s the least of our concerns. Now we remember. We go back and hear His words with new understanding. Now the name that John the Baptizer called Him has new meaning. “The Lamb of God” has been sacrificed for us. For the sins of the world.

“I am the Way, the Truth, the Life” is more than a figure of speech. “I am the Light of the World” now drives away our darkness. “I am the Resurrection and the Life” is a statement that cannot be doubted or denied.

We are so full of joy in this moment that we can’t think beyond it. What new surprises does He have in store for us? What’s next?