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He’s here. The promise of the ages. The fulfillment of ancient prophecies. After so many years of silence, God has spoken His word: JESUS.

He’s not what we expected. No grand entrance. Just a quiet birth to a young virgin and her spouse. A tiny baby wrapped in clean rags, placed in a feeding trough among the animals in their stable. No ritzy palace for this King.

No grand proclamation to the whole world. Just a heavenly announcement by angels to a few sheep herders on a Judean hillside. No news flash. No headlines. But a supernatural message entrusted to illiterate blue-collar workers.

No writing in the sky. But a star visible to a few seekers who were careful students of the heavens. They didn’t know what it meant, but they cared enough to research and be led to the Light of the World. When the Truth was revealed to them, they worshipped Him, presenting gifts that would prove extremely valuable to the family who would become refugees in a foreign land.

How many more will find the unlikely clues surrounding this humble birth? How many will worship the Messiah sent from Heaven, defying all expectations?