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It’s “GOD and Us” . . . as we travel across the country. Over the many miles, we are in His hand. It’s “GOD and us” . . . as we sing in church after church. The songs are about Him. It’s “GOD and us” . . . as we work and play together as a family. He’s the head of our home.

Without Him, life would be vain and empty, without purpose or meaning. But with Him, life is complete – a purposeful existence and a joyous, rewarding experience. And so . . . “it’s GOD and us” . . . now and forever.

The Kriegers 1972

Song List & Lyrics

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         (Jimmy Owens)


         (I. G. Martin)

         (Public Domain)

         (John Peterson – Copyright Singspiration – 1958)

         (Fanny Crosby/William Kirkpatrick)

         (Charles Weigle)


         (Jimmy Owens)

         (The Living Bible/Ralph Carmichael) Copyright 1969 Lexicon Music


RECORDED AT: Celebration Studios, Nashville
PRODUCED BY: John Darnall
Fred Cameron
COVER DESIGN: Mervyn Eckman

Looking Back

When our family started travelling in a full time concert ministry, we needed a compilation that represented the variety of songs that we sang – solos, duets, children’s and family songs. God was our motivation, our strength, our provision, our theme. So we went with the simple title of “God and Us.” One of my favorites  on this album is “The Soft Winds of Summer,” a folky ballad with a beautiful guitar accompaniment by our producer, John Darnall.