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Play “I Will Greet the Day with Singing”

God has endued Donna Krieger with a marvelous voice and with an exceptional ability to interpret a sacred song. My heart has been thrilled and blessed many, many times as I have listened to her as she has taken a very simple song, whose message could have been lost in the sea of “vocal gymnastics” and has made it an inspiring and convincing sermon in song.

I know this beautiful new album will prove to be a continual and living source of blessing, encouragement and enjoyment to all who make it part of their record library.

“Sing”cerely yours,

Dr. Al Smith
Founder of Singspiration
President of Encore Publications


Song List & Lyrics

Click each song title below for lyrics

         (Donna J. KriegerCopyright 1975 by Alfred B. Smith

         (Alfred B. SmithCopyright 1971 by Alfred B. Smith

         (John W. Peterson)

         (E. Toral Seat)

         (JGreiner/Alfred B. SmithCopyright 1975 by Alfred B. Smith

         (G. A. Young)



         (Christiansen/John W. PetersonCopyright 1961 by Singspiration, Inc.

         (E. C. Heidelberg)


PRODUCED BY: John Darnall
ARRANGED BY: Donna Krieger, John Darnall
Fred Cameron
COVER DESIGN: Mervyn Eckman

Looking Back

I’m not a morning person, but  one day as I awoke with my customary moan, I had enough sense to turn to the Psalms. And there I was challenged by this little phrase: “Let us greet the dawn with a song.”  (Living Psalms 57:8b) And thus was born a new habit and a new song. I’m pleased that it has become a favorite of many people and the top requested song at our concerts. The album also features songs by Alfred B. Smith, John Peterson, and others. It was produced in Nashville by John Darnall. His first production and my first solo album.