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The Krieger’s Album “Sing Praise” was recorded in 1978.

Song List & Lyrics

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         (Traditional German Melody; Lyrics: Thomas Kelly)

         (Composer unknown)

         (Donna J. Krieger)


         (John Peterson – Copyright Singspiration – 1958)

         (Lanny Wolfe; Arr. by W. Elmo Mercer / Copyright 1973 by Dimension Music)

         (Donna J. Krieger / Copyright 1977 by Donna J. Krieger)

         (Spafford/Bliss; arr. Donna J. Krieger)

         (William Reynolds / Copyright 1971 by Broadman Press)

         (DeHoff/LykensCopyright 1941 by Percy B. Crawford


RECORDED AT: Applewood Studio, Denver, Colorado
PRODUCED BY: John Darnall
ARRANGED BY: Donna Krieger
Michael Pfeifer
PHOTOGRAPHY: Larry Stevens


PIANO: Donna Krieger
GUITAR: Kevin Krieger & John Darnall
BASS: Bob Mace

Looking Back

The children were growing, as all of them do. Our oldest son started out singing soprano and alto, moved to tenor, and by the time we recorded these tunes, he was our bass. It was so fun to have a family that could sing four-part harmony! And another change on this recording was that we added a family member. Luis, our adopted 11 year old son from Costa Rica, joined the group and debuted on this album. You can hear his cute Spanish accent a little on his solo. Of course, Kevin, Kelly, and Kristi (our other children) were “pros” by this time.