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A Mystery

Life is a mystery. So is death. They each come to us as an unbidden part of existence. To experience life is to succumb to death. Those who are followers of Christ embrace His promise of eternal life after death. That’s a win, win situation. One that even God chose to experience on our behalf. He who is Life made true life possible for us. He is above us, yet one of us. How amazing and unfathomable is that!

Why such thoughts today? Friends of mine just lost their only living son. I grieve with them, because to say “Good bye” is great loss for the present. But when a loved one goes to Heaven there is great gain. Sickness is replaced by perfect health. Sadness is replaced by joy. The temporary becomes permanent. Death becomes life.

All are part of the glorious mystery initiated by God. Are you trusting Him with your life for now and forever?


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  1. Donna, I love your website! Your picture is beautiful, as are your songs, poems, and blog posts. It’s so delightful! Thanks so much for sharing it. See you soon, Patti

  2. I love it Donna! Thank you for letting me know you have it up and running. I will be letting people know it’s available.

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