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Recently I took a tumble. I lost my balance in the night on my way to the bathroom. Surprise! Not a fun one, either. At least there are no broken bones. Just bruises. In reaction to this fall, I’m working on my balance now. There are exercises that can improve balance, I’m told. So now I have some more to add to my morning routine. And I’ve increased my caution level.

Life, in a way, is like a balancing act. Picture a man on a tightrope with a balancing pole in his hands. If a weight is added to one side, he will be pulled down. He learns how to maneuver across the uncertain cavern by keeping everything in balance. A slight bend here and there won’t throw him off. He will compensate for every little dip with a counter balance technique.

In my life I must learn to balance joy and sorrow. When the sorrows accumulate to the point of throwing me into a tailspin, is there a way to counterbalance? Can I look to the Lord to increase the joy side of things? Well, by looking ahead to what He has in store for us in glory, we can maintain the balance in order to keep moving forward. No crash necessary. And anyway, He is always with us. He knows exactly how to hold the pole.

Work and play are also a balancing challenge. A “workaholic” doesn’t know enough to take the necessary breaks to maintain a healthy perspective. But too much leisure time can make us lazy. We become unproductive and weak in our discipline. In the old song, “Day by Day,” the poet talks about God “mingling toil with peace and rest.” He’s the one who knows how to mix these things for our good. He created the Sabbath for a good reason. And He designed work to benefit us in proper ways. We need both.

Can you think of more ways in which balance affects our lives? Are there some areas in your life that need some attention in order to maintain a good balance? How can you keep from falling? Or should I say, “How does God keep us from falling?” What does He use? His Word? People? Music? Nature? How can you take advantage of what He has provided today in order to keep your balance?


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