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But God (1)

“But God” – two little words that make all the difference in the world! Because when God enters the picture, everything is changed. Darkness becomes light. Sadness becomes joy. Death becomes life.

“But” is the hinge, the conjunction, that connects two opposites. The unlikely becomes the norm. The impossible becomes possible. A critical difference is announced.

God is the eternal, all powerful, personal difference maker. All the little squares I’ve put around the two words “but God” in my Bible remind me of the incredible realities and possibilities introduced by His presence in my life.

For example: “They took him (Jesus) down from the tree and laid him in a tomb. But God raised him from the dead.” That’s what Paul said in his synagogue address recorded in Acts 13: 29 & 30.

Do you see what I mean? “But God” makes all the difference in the world. If Christ remained in the grave, we would have nothing. No hope. No joy. No salvation. No Savior. Just a record of a martyr who was killed because of a lie. Ah, but Jesus was God’s Son. And the Father raised Him to life. A life that is transferred to us when we believe the amazing truth of John 3:16.

Let’s not take for granted the astounding fact that because Jesus lives, we can live – now and forever. Claim that. Revel in that. Rejoice in that. Soak it in.

How are the words “but God raised him from the dead” impacting your life today? Are you living in the vast difference this statement makes?

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