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Christmas Music

Don’t you enjoy the music of Christmas? Well, I don’t want to start listening in October. But it’s special to hear it throughout the month of December. It wouldn’t hurt us to share it the year ‘round. But then it might not seem so special.

I have my favorite songs, and favorite performers and styles. But isn’t it great that we have such a variety to choose from? Something for everyone.

Here are the lyrics to a song I wrote a few years ago as I was mulling over the meaning of Christ’s entrance into the human race. I’ll write them out in paragraph form, rather than lined poetry. It doesn’t matter. Just think about the truth and the questions that lie in this Christmas account.

“He came. Jesus came to us in a most unlikely way. Born in a stable on a bed of hay. How could the Lord of Heaven come to such a place? Was it a strange mistake? Or a miracle of grace?

“He saw. Jesus saw us with compassion in His eyes. Finding a sin sick world was no surprise. How could the Lord of Glory stay in such a place? Was it a plan gone wrong? Or a miracle of grace?

“He came; He saw; He loved without flaw. Perfect life among dying sinners. Choosing us to be eternal winners! O what a miracle! Miracle of grace!

“He came. Jesus came to us in a most unlikely way. God in a baby who would die one day. Rising again, He could the curse of death erase. It was a perfect plan. It was a miracle of grace!”

Aren’t you amazed by the miracle of Christmas? Are you sharing the joy of it with others?


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