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Color is one of the most beautiful facets of God’s creation. I thank Him regularly for such an inspiring gift. What would my world be like without it? Rather dull, I’m afraid.

One of my dear friends is blind. My greatest regret for him is not that he can’t see me, or his grandchildren or his own face in the mirror. It’s that he is missing the technicolor of nature.  All the abstract decor of the fish in the aquarium. The glorious fall leaves. The blue sky. A lovely table filled with a vibrant (as well as tasty) pallet. My eyes have a feast everyday and I don’t take it for granted.

What is your favorite color? Mine is red. Well, to be more specific, cranberry. It is deep and rich and warm. If I could only have one color in my wardrobe, that’s what it would be. Of course, it shows up best in contrast to other colors, so I enjoy the splendid variety that the Creator has supplied. And  people have figured out how to mix and blend so that the wall of paint chips at Home Depot is full of possibilities. What choices we have!

As I’m sitting at my computer, I notice the delightful colors as the icons pop off the desktop. And the colorful paintings around me bring great pleasure. And when I go outside, God’s color schemes will be even greater.

Look around you. Don’t forget to thank God today for the gift of color that you can enjoy. What is your favorite? Does it matter? Why did God create so many colorful creatures in the sea where very few people get to enjoy them? Is it not important that we glorify the Lord by appreciating all of His gifts? Don’t you agree that color is one of the most amazing ones? (Not more important than all the rest, but highly significant.)

How can you praise Him today for what you see? Are you opening your eyes to the best of what He has provided?


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