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Comparison is a game we all play sometimes. It can be a valuable experience if it leads to correct evaluation and improvement on our part. But it can be trouble. Some things should not be compared. That only leads to disappointment and discouragement.

For example, do you ever look in the mirror and compare yourself to someone more beautiful? Someone thinner? Someone with a nicer shape or physique? If there’s something that we can and should do about it, then the challenge can lead to a good result. But often there’s not much we can do to change how we’ve been designed by the Creator. I can do something about my weight. But I can’t change the color of my eyes, my height or my basic shape.

Or how about talents and gifts? Do you ever compare yourself to someone with more talent and feel like a failure? Or perhaps you have gifts, but not the ones you wish you had. Not the ones anyone will notice.

We can always compare ourselves to someone who is better than we are (or so we think). That leads to humility. Not a bad trait, really. Or we can find someone who is worse. A bigger sinner. A pauper. Or a scoundrel of some sort. But that comparison leads to pride. Not a good trait. In fact , God warns against this sin frequently.

Don’t we need to be more concerned about how God sees us. None of us are good enough to deserve His favor, but He gives it to those who love and serve Him faithfully. Remember the story Jesus told about the two men who went to the temple to pray? One was a prideful religious man and the other a humble sinner begging God for mercy. (See Luke 18:9-14.) It was the second man whose prayer was answered. He was blessed by God. This comparison was to teach us all an important lesson.

So let’s take a realistic look at ourselves from God’s perspective. Can we look in the mirror and be thankful that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14)? Can we be thankful that the Lord has entrusted us with talents and gifts that are uniquely ours?  Can we humbly come to God as repentant sinners and allow Him to clean up our hearts and use us however He desires? After all, who are we to think we know better than God?

Isaiah 40:25 says: “To whom will you compare me? Or who is my equal?” says the Holy One. Of course, the answer is no one. Let’s stand in awe of Him today and not worry about comparing Him or ourselves to anyone else. Is He enough for you?


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