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There are billions of stars, billions of snowflakes, billions of flowers, billions of trees. How can it be that there are no two alike? Each one is a different design. It boggles my mind that all of that variety flows out of God’s imagination!

And what about people? There are billions alive now. I have no idea how many humans have inhabited the earth since the beginning of time. But no two have ever been the same. Even identical twins have differences. I enjoy looking at the vast display of physical and mental characteristics in individuals. Yes, I’m a people watcher.

How could anyone believe that all of this just happened by itself? Only an eternal, infinite Designer could set such a possibility into motion. Reproduction that defies understanding. Our creative (though limited) minds can only set up systems of duplication which copy the first. It’s mass production, so to speak.

Artists and musicians create one of a kind works, but not in the billions. I am surprised that I can come up with any new melody or arrangement when so many have been written over time. But thankfully God has instilled creativity in us. It is to a far lesser degree than His, of course. Yet we can use this gift with amazing variations. My granddaughter has asked me how I come up with a new poem. I have to say, “I don’t really know.” But inspiration pours through me at times and I let it flow.

Some people say, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” True, some are more creative than others. But each of us, fashioned in the image of God, has some ability to be creative. Whether it’s in our cooking, our choice of clothing, or our relationships. There are so many possibilities unique to each person.

I would challenge you to find some way to reflect God in actions which are unique to you. You may be surprised at what you come up with. How can you honor your Creator and reflect His image today?


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