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Far and Wide

We have four children who live in four different states: Florida, South Carolina, Iowa, and Kansas. Our adopted son is originally from Costa Rica. At one time, our other son and wife lived in Malaysia. One of our daughters lived in Israel for a short time, and in Turkey for three years. I guess when you’ve given your children to the Lord, they might end up anywhere in the world.

Our eleven grandchildren presently live in Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Iowa, Ohio, and Colorado. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me, since I have lived in ten states myself. At one time, these grandchildren have also resided in Germany, England, Ecuador, and Malaysia. Talk about being spread out. Our family has that skill mastered, for sure. And some of them presently travel worldwide, using their skills and gifts to serve the Lord.

What’s the point? I think it is that we should not hold on to our children too tightly. God is working in all of the world. Why shouldn’t we be involved with His plan, whether living abroad or staying in one place and aiding in any way that we can?

Some of you who have lived all of your life in one place can’t conceive of being so mobile. And those of us who have travelled far and wide can’t imagine life any other way. Isn’t it interesting that God can use us wherever we are? “Bloom where you’re planted,” as the old saying goes. Let’s just make sure we are blooming. That we are tied into the vine (as in John 15) and being fruitful. There isn’t a right and wrong place to be. Any place where God opens the door is a good place to be.

What are you doing to further the work of God today? Praying? Providing financial support to an orphan, a missionary, or a project (like food or water for an impoverished group of people)? Letting your neighbors know they are loved by doing kind things in the name of Jesus? Sitting with a friend in the hospital? Sharing your children and grandchildren with the world?

Yes, there is sacrifice involved. And sacrifice isn’t meant to be easy or convenient. Was it easy or convenient or pleasant for God to send His Son to earth? It was loving and generous beyond measure. I can never live up to His example. But I can get involved in what He is doing near and far. What might that look like in your life?


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