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Humble Pie

I’ve been eating humble pie for some time now. It’s served to me frequently, even when I don’t ask for it. I’m sort of getting used to the taste, but it’s not delicious..

I used to be a choir director, the director’s wife, or at least the choir accompanist. Now I’m one of many singers, most of whom are better at it than I am. That doesn’t mean I’m not important. As a former conductor, I know how valuable each person is. But I am humbled. Knocked down a peg or two.

I am used to being a teacher. Now I am taught by my children (grown up now) and my grandchildren. They are the computer experts. I am a slow learner. Last night I had a meltdown because what I was trying to do was so overwhelming. It humbled me.

I used to be able to walk long distances. Now, due to knee and back issues, I am limited to short distances. In my mind I can still run, but in reality I must be content to stride cautiously. Just a year ago my goal was 5,000 steps a day (half of what my daughter does). Now I’m happy if I make it to 3,000. That’s not easily accepted. It’s humbling. But at least I’m thankful not to be using a walker yet.

Can humble pie really be good for us? Definitely. How else are we going to learn to be like Jesus? He left His honorable place in Heaven to become a lowly servant on earth. (See Philippians 2.) That’s not the end of the story, though. He will someday be King forever.

Jesus said in Matthew 18:4, “Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” And the impetuous and sometimes pompous disciple, Peter, wrote in I Peter 5:5, “All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another.” He had learned a lesson or two the hard way from the Master Himself.

Now it’s my turn to learn. Maybe yours, too. That humble pie didn’t taste good at first, but it’s growing on me. And it’s very beneficial to my spiritual nutrition. Have you tasted it and found it to be good?


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  1. What a blog post, Donna! Thank you for sharing.

    I’ve been eating an assortment of humble pies lately – all with unique flavors but all baked by the “Master Baker” Himself and served in GREAT proportions! When I’m full, He sends me on my way with to-go containers. With His latest batch, I’m learning to be still and know that He is God. I’m also trying to focus on the “here and now” and not allowing the “what-ifs” to paralyze me or cause my wondering eye to lust after greener grass that will still need to be mowed.

    Your post has brought things to mind that I needed brought to mind. I can smell it being baked into today’s pies as I write this.

    I can hear the timer going off now. Pies are ready!

  2. It is a wonderful lesson that you are teaching all of us who are younger than you. It is not easy getting old. The art of it is how do you do it with grace and dignity. You are a great example!
    Love you Aunt Donna!


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