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I get lots of emails, all scams, trying to talk me into something that sounds amazing. We are taught not to trust anything that seems too good to be true. We certainly need to be skeptical of what is probably impossible.

But impossibilities need to be reexamined in the light of God’s word. There we are promised things by God who is Truth and cannot lie. In Mark 10:27, when Jesus was questioned about the impossible, He looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.”

One time when I was contemplating God’s promises about heaven, which seem far-fetched, I prayed for faith and wrote down this poem. Does it resonate with you today?

Too good to be true?
Life after death?
Golden streets?
Pearl gates?
God-designed mansions?
Too good to be deserved?
Too high for mortal imagination?
But too good to be true?
For the promises came
From One Who is true.
There’s no reason to doubt
His plan, His ability,
His power to do what He chooses.
Just because I’m not worthy,
Just because I’m accustomed
To this world and its flaws,
Just because fairy tales aren’t true,
There’s no need to doubt.
I must accept that…
God’s ways are not mine.
His plan is divine.
All the promises are in line
With His character:
Mercy, love, and grace.
Too good to be true?
Not when God is involved!


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  1. Awesome word Donna! It is by Grace we have been saved and only by Grace have we recieved this so awesome great impossible Gift from God. Thank You Jesus!

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