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What inspires you? Or should I say, “Who inspires you?”  Sometimes being around certain people brings out the best in us. Creative people who write poetry, tell stories, paint pictures etc. are inspired by what they see, hear, and feel.

Since I’m one of those artists, I’m sometimes surprised by what comes out. I don’t plan it. The poetry just immerges. My granddaughter has asked me several times, “Grandma, how do you write a poem?” My answer is always, “I don’t know. It just happens.” Poems, songs, devotionals… I’d like to think they are all inspired by God. In a way, they are, because He’s the one who designed my creative mind. But many people attribute things to God that aren’t very good. Not well crafted. So I’m afraid to blame God for something mediocre.

Well, I’m getting side tracked here. Let me tell you what happened recently. I woke early one morning with my mind racing with ideas. I grabbed a notebook and started writing. My pen could hardly keep up with my brain. But a couple of hours later, I had scribbled out seven vignettes expressing the overwhelming emotions that I felt. I typed them out and then thought, “What now? Is there a way to share all of this?”

We (my children and my web manager & I) have come up with a plan that goes beyond the scope of my normal blogs. So starting this Sunday, we will begin a special series titled, “He Is,” which will revisit the most dramatic events in the life of Christ through the eyes of those closest to Him.

Subscribers to my blog will receive these daily vignettes via email every morning leading up to Easter Sunday.

I have imagined what I would have seen and felt if I had been there. Put yourself there, too, and experience these special times in a new way. I hope this helps to make your Holy Week more meaningful.


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