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God spoke to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. What language did they speak, I wonder? They must have experienced a miraculous means of communication in order to understand each other. Just imagine – a whole vocabulary given to the first humans in order to speak with each other and with their Creator.

Communication is important in all relationships. Of course, there are other means of expression besides words. There’s touch, body language, music, sound. Some couples fall in love without knowing each other’s cultural language. But it sure makes it easier to talk and learn about each other when using dialogue.

Life is difficult when there is a language barrier. I’ve travelled in foreign countries and faced the disadvantage of not being able to speak words that are understood. My granddaughter just married a German young man and has moved to Germany. Her biggest concern is learning the language. Fortunately, she is around many who speak English, and she has studied German. But many situations will be difficult until she becomes fluent in her new language.

Isn’t it great that God understands all languages? Thousands of them! He not only knows the meaning of all the words, but He interprets unspoken thoughts and reads our hearts. He listens, and He speaks to all who will listen. His words have been translated into many, many languages and the work continues to make it possible for all peoples to hear His message.

Have you ever added a new language to your life? Although some have a natural ability in linguistics, it’s not an easy thing to do. Be thankful today for your language, use it well, and remember to pray for someone who is learning a new way of speech. What a marvelous thing it is to be able to communicate clearly with those around us. And even speak to the God of the universe! How is your conversation with Him going today?


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