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Modern Miracles

On my recent trip to Germany I experienced what I call modern day miracles. Miracles, technically speaking, are happenings that defy natural or scientific laws. Something only possible through a divine agency. Of course, I call that “agency” God Almighty.

One of these amazing events is the flight of an object that weighs thousands of tons. That defies God’s natural law of gravity. How anyone figured out a way to get around this law boggles my mind. Yet when I’m floating above the earth in this monstrous vehicle, I trust not only man’s ability to circumvent normality, but God’s mysterious creation of scientific laws that never change. Scientists and engineers can count on God’s definite order of things, whether they recognize God in the process or not. When a plane lifts off the ground, I thank God for His unfathomable way of creating the earth and the sky. And I pray for His angels to assist Him in raising this huge hunk of metal into the air. I consider that a modern day miracle. None of this would be possible without Almighty God.

While my husband and I were in Germany we attended a German church service. Nothing miraculous about that. We were there, so we went to church with our friends. But on the next Sunday we decided to go to church via satellite. We sat in the living room and watched our church service live streamed from Overland Park, Kansas. How this is possible is beyond me. But the fact that picture and sound signals can be sent into the air and pulled out of the sky into our little laptop a world away is miraculous.

What miracles have you witnessed lately? Can you see God’s hand at work in the ordinary things of life? And in the extraordinary acts of kindness He bestows on us? Springtime blooms, a baby’s birth, a bodily healing, a bird at flight, a changing sky. All of these speak to me of the infinite Creator. And when He allows men to cooperate with Him to bring about extraordinary accomplishments, I call that a modern miracle.

What is God doing in your life today? Don’t you consider it miraculous that He is involved in the natural and unnatural events of our pilgrimage on earth?


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