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I’m embarrassed to say that I woke up today struggling with the issue of morning. Maybe you think that all musicians start the day with happy little songs floating through their heads. But that’s just not true.

Many years ago, I was complaining to God about creating mornings. (You can tell I’m not a morning person.) I had the good sense to turn to the Word, however, and came across a phrase that stopped me in my tracks. “Let us greet the dawn with a song,” it says in Living Psalms 57:8b. I reflected on the many things for which I am thankful, and realized that I needed to change my habit of moaning and groaning at the beginning of the day. Instead, I would start with a few words of praise to the Creator of all good things, including morning.

Here are the lyrics I wrote down, turned into a song, and have sung hundreds of times. “I will greet the day with singing, I will meet the dawn with joy. I will praise the Lord of life all day long.” So how did I revert to old habits today and initiate the day with a spirit of complaining?  Well, I was hurting, stiff, hungry, and just in a bad mood. But the Lord reminded me of my song and many reasons to be glad.

My legs may hurt, but I have two of them to stand on. I have eyes to see the sunlight streaming through the window. I can enjoy the beautiful paintings on the wall. I can hear the birds welcoming the day. I have the Spirit of God within me, prompting me to be thankful. “It is well with my soul.”

I’m glad for the reminder that challenged me to challenge you with my old song. Why not have a listen and see what God might do in your spirit? Just click on this link: I Will Greet the Day with Singing.


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