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New Year

Here we go again. Another new year. New resolutions. New goals. New adventures. New opportunities. New hopes.

We seem to reassess things by the year. What did we accomplish in the last twelve months? What can we change in the next twelve? Since I’ve now experienced 80 of these evaluating marks, they seem to roll around faster and faster. Where does time go? It dissolves into history, never to be claimed again.

Days come and go rapidly for most of us. On occasions, a day may seem to drag by slowly. But they all hold the same 24 hour periods. And we need to be conscious of what can be accomplished and experienced in the fleeting minutes. Every night I try to look back and note at least one thing that I have achieved.

That doesn’t mean that everything worthwhile has to be work. I need to lighten up and realize the importance of enjoyment. Finding the balance between work and play is a challenge, but necessary. Meeting people, offering an encouraging word, and reflecting on the goodness of God are all practical endeavors that can have significance.

So how are you doing on this new day? What do you hope to be part of your memory bank at the end of this new year? “My times are in your hands,” said the Psalmist (Psalm 31:15). That was expressed during a very difficult time in his life. It brought consolation to him in the midst of despair.

Here is a quote from C. H. Spurgeon that I like. ” ‘My times,’ that is to say, my ups and my downs, my health and my sickness, my poverty and my wealth – all those are in the hand of the Lord, who arranges and appoints according to his holy will the length of my days, and the darkness of my nights. Storms and calms vary the seasons at the divine appointment. Whether times are reviving or depressing remains with him who is Lord both of time and of eternity; and we are glad it is so.” 

Are you trusting the Savior today to help you make each moment count? Can He bring meaning to the good and the bad? Even the seemingly insignificant, as well as the momentous events? Why not ask Him to bless this day whatever the circumstances? Is that not always in His realm of possibilities?


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