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Today’s comments are in the form of a poem, but written out in paragraphs. I sent this to my granddaughter recently when she needed a little lift. I hope your reflection on these thoughts brings encouragement to you. We can all use a dose of that, right?

Is there anything as fresh as the morning dew? As blue as a summer sky? Is there anything as grand as a mountain peak? Or as sweet as a baby’s sigh?

Is every flower not beautiful, as it lifts its face to the sun? And every love not wonderful from the day it is begun?

Is life not filled with blessings, even when framed in pain? Is life to be only sunshine, without the gift of rain?

I will look around me on this day and find beauty everywhere. Then I’ll look within my refreshed soul and be thankful that God is there.

Are you observing and appreciating God in all of His gifts today?


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