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Oldness. Is there such a word? The Bible talks about newness. So I figure there must also be oldness. And I’ve been feeling a lot of that lately. The body wears out. The knees creak. The hips ache. The teeth wear down. The eyes dim.

But that’s just the physical side. We have another more important dimension to our beings. The spiritual. The Bible says we can walk in “newness of life” (Romans 6:4). But sometimes I’m afraid we are content to walk in “oldness.” We get lazy, lethargic, and listless because it takes energy and discipline to engage in spiritual activity. I know a lot about the Bible. I’ve read it many times. Why should I read it again? Is it important enough to make the effort?

How easy it is to lose the spiritual momentum that thrusts us forward in our walk with the Lord. But the Word of God is our nourishment. Our sustenance. Our necessity for good spiritual health. We must consume it as our only means of maintaining “newness.” “Oldness” is not a good option. Why would anybody choose aching and sluggishness over vitality?

So here we are at a new calendar year. I’m resolving to devour the Scripture more consistently than last year. What are your resolutions? Do you need to shed some oldness attributes and live in the newness that God has offered? What needs to happen to make that possible? Time for some self evaluation, don’t you think? Will the Holy Spirit not energize us if we ask?

Happy New Year!


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