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Once Upon a Time

Most fairy tales begin with “once upon a time.” But real life is that way too. A moment occurs only once in a lifetime. Some people think that the Bible is full of fables. But I choose to believe that “truth is stranger than fiction.” And the Word of God is truth.

At Christmas time I listen again to the true story about Mary and Joseph, the Baby from Heaven, the angels, the shepherds, the town of Bethlehem, the star, the wise men. And all of them fill me with wonder. It’s all amazing! God orchestrated the people and events in every detail. All was fulfilled as the prophets had stated hundreds of years earlier.

The story of Christmas doesn’t stand alone. It’s just the beginning of the unfolding of God’s plan to rescue mankind from a vicious cycle of sin and despair. The gift of Jesus was the only way for us to be made clean and whole. Receiving that gift is the only way for us to be with the loving Father forever. The entire account is presented in the four gospels, each with a different twist and emphasis. And even though the “story” seems too good to be true, we can believe it, and accept it, and treasure it in our hearts.

Here is a song I wrote and recorded many years ago that kind of sums it up. Are you ready to listen to the story as if it were the first time you heard it?

(Click the play button below to listen to “Once Upon a Time.”)




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