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Packing My Suitcase

Today I’m packing my suitcase again. I must say that I’m pretty good at it, having had so much experience over the years. It’s actually fun for me. Folding clean clothes neatly, anticipating the activities at which they will be worn, thinking of the people I will visit.

Packing for warm weather is easier than for cold. The clothes don’t take up nearly as much room. But it’s hard to anticipate the weather and choose the exactly appropriate  things for the climate and the occasion. Oh, well, I can always go shopping if I don’t get it right.

Sometimes I pack for long stays – like three months in Florida. But today I’m preparing for a short trip. Just a few days with friends a couple of hours away. So I’m excited. But living out of a suitcase, even for a few days – not so much fun. Well, we can’t have everything we like all at once, can we?

Every trip I take, I wonder if it will be my last. That’s not a gloomy thought. Our family has travelled extensively all over this country (USA) and around the world. Now there are only two more trips I’m still hankering to make. One to Alaska (the only state we haven’t visited) and one more trip to Europe (England & Germany) to do family research and visit our granddaughter. Maybe we’ll do those this year. That will shorten the proverbial “short list” considerably!

Of course, there’s one more trip for each of us. A quick trip to the hereafter. I’ve been preparing for that one all of my life. I won’t even need a suitcase. Everything I’ll need has been sent on ahead. I don’t know exactly what activities are planned, but it will be fun to find out and be joined by friends and loved ones who have been awaiting my arrival. Are you ready for that grand journey? Are there things on your “bucket list” to check off this year? Isn’t today a good time to think and pray about it?


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