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I like questions. They prompt a person to think. As a teacher, that has always been important to me. As a wife, though, I drive my husband crazy with all my “why” questions. But how else do we learn to understand? Where would we be if scientists didn’t ask “why”? And how many things would we live without if engineers didn’t figure out “how” things work? Historians help us keep track of “who” and “when.” The study of geography teaches us “where” in the world we are. Explorers constantly push themselves to new discoveries by asking “what” is beyond the horizon.

So I am glad to live with questions. I ask a lot of them, and I enjoy being with people who ask them. We need to keep our minds active. Keep learning. Keep exploring. And in the process, we help others do the same.

Have you noticed that I end every blog with a question? Now do you understand WHY?


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