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Still Life

My brother posted this picture recently on Instagram. This is what he had to say about it. “I like shooting still life images. I think it helps me to slow down and relax, and somehow brings a peacefulness to my spirit.”

Still life. That kind of describes my life these days. Lots of time to be still. Lots of quiet activities. I have a list of projects I’m working on. But I have no deadlines. No pressure for now. I’m enjoying cooking, baking, writing, working on my music, and reading.

Now I realize that some people can’t enjoy all of the quietness that I do. Some have work deadlines, even if working from home. Some have lively children to try to corral. Maybe now is a time, though, that even very active young ones can be taught to appreciate stillness. That may involve discipline, but isn’t that good? There is a time for cheering, cartwheels, and rambunctious energy. But there’s also a time to balance that with the discipline of sitting still. Maybe this is the season for such lessons.

We all need to learn to have some quiet time to hear God’s “still, small voice.” Remember Elijah’s encounter with God? He looked for the Lord in a great wind, in a violent earthquake, and a blazing fire. But God wasn’t to be found there. Instead, He spoke in a “still, small, voice.” You can read about it in I Kings 19. 

Sometimes God’s voice is so small and still that I can barely hear it. But I am on a mission to tune my ears to His voice. It may not be audible. But He speaks loudly and clearly through the Scriptures. So I must discipline myself to stay there long enough to identify the sound that I long to embrace.

A still life photo or painting is usually simple, but beautiful. That’s what I want my life to look like. Simple, uncomplicated, beautiful. How about you?

Note: Click HERE to see more of my brother’s photography


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