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The Table

Most of our Thanksgiving tables were a little different this year. Smaller table. Fewer chairs. Loved ones missing. Maybe even a change of menu from the traditional turkey on a platter.

Our son and family did something unique and interesting. Since outdoor activities are safer (less germs) than indoors, they spent the holiday hiking in the Blue Ridge mountains. They cooked a turkey the day before Thanksgiving, then packed sandwiches to take on their outing. Since some of their family now lives in Virginia, that was quite a change from their usually packed house in Florida. But the scenery was spectacular and the family fun will find a special place in their memory banks.

We had a traditional meal at a beautiful table set for four. I hope you had someone to share a special meal with. Gatherings around a table, even a small one, have special significance. I’ve been thinking lately about what that means.

The table is an invitation to gather … to grace each other with our presence. It is a place to listen, to learn, to laugh together. The table is an opportunity to share love, to shape a conversation, to sharpen our social skills. It draws us together at a time when many things are driving us apart.

Jesus told a story about a feast prepared for a special occasion. A wealthy host sent out many invitations. “Come,” he said. “Everything is ready.” Sadly, those who received the generous offer made light of it and found excuses not to attend the celebration. So the master of the house told his servant to go into the “highways and hedges” and invite the beggars, the crippled, the blind. Anyone who was willing to come. (You can read this parable in Luke 14:15-24.)

Aren’t you thankful that the Lord has included us in the invitation to come to His table? We don’t deserve the lavish feast and the fellowship that He has prepared, but He wants us to come. You wouldn’t refuse such an invitation, would you? A table represents an invitation, an opportunity, and a welcome. Will you join me there?


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