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Words Are Important

Words are important. Significant. They have the power to enrich, inform, encourage, or hurt and destroy. The same word can have different meanings, depending on the context. Or depending on the tone of voice. We can do a word search on the computer and come up with a zillion (or so it seems) different interpretations.

Last week we had an interesting predicament with my blog. Some of you may have gotten two. If so, the second was the corrected version containing the intended song. When we asked the computer for the song “Morning,” it picked a song with “morning” in the title, but it was the wrong song (“Come, Sweet Easter Morning”). They are both good songs, but with an entirely different emphasis. I guess it illustrates the fact that we can’t be too careful when choosing songs or in checking what the computer does.

I’m sorry about any confusion caused, but here’s the link to my website with the right version: (in case you missed it).

Do you pay attention to words in a song? Sometimes the music or arrangement distracts us from the lyrics. But a well written one blends melody and lyrics and arrangement together to get the intended meaning across. You don’t want a song about peace to be fast-paced and jarring. A piece about soaring like an eagle should have some soaring notes, not just lay in a low range.

Well, I’ll get off my soap box and let you think. I just challenge you to listen carefully to the lyrics of songs. And when you sing with a congregation, think about every word you utter. We can easily become guilty of “taking God’s name in vain” by flippantly or carelessly mouthing His name without paying attention. Without reverence.

There are many references to “words” in the Bible. Here’s my favorite one: Psalm 19:14. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight,

O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer. 

That’s a constant challenge, isn’t it?


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