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Do You Have a Favorite?

“What is your favorite Bible story?” a friend asked. “Oh, I don’t think I could pick one,” I replied. He explained to me that he thinks we each have a favorite Biblical story that is a motivating factor in our lives.

I thought about that for a few minutes and said, “I think I know what mine is. It’s the account of Jesus feeding the 5,000. I love it because it shows how Jesus took a little boy’s lunch (a seemingly insignificant thing) and multiplied it to accomplish His purpose. “That’s you!” he exclaimed. “That’s your story.”

I guess I relate to this because I grew up in a small community, a small church, and didn’t consider my small talent of much worth. But I gave what I had to the Lord, and He has taken it, multiplied it beyond my wildest dreams, and miraculously used my small offering to bless many lives. Many times I have asked, “How is that possible? How does He do that?” I don’t know the “how,” but I know some of the “why” and I am thankful for God’s grace that makes this possible.

How about you? What’s your story? How is God using a favorite story to shape your life to bless others?

God’s Multiplication

One fine day a long time ago a great crowd of people came
To hear the words of Jesus Christ, Who healed the sick and the lame.
The morning stretched on to noontime; the afternoon wore on;
And before the people realized, the whole day was nearly gone.

Now Jesus knew the people were hungry. His friends said, “Send them to town.”
But Jesus said, “No, we’ll feed each one; just have the people sit down.
Now bring to Me whatever you find that I might be able to use.”
They found a boy with a little lunch that he didn’t really want to lose!

All he had was five small loaves of bread and a couple of fish;
But he gave them to the Savior and said, “You may have them, Lord, if you wish.”
Then Jesus took that little boy’s lunch. He blessed and divided the food.
He gave it to his disciples to pass. The people ate all that they could.

When the crowd was fed and the meal was done, there still was food to spare!
The little boy had honored the Lord, and he had learned to share.
The Lord of Glory proved that day that He is Lord of All!
He can use anyone or anything. It doesn’t matter how small.

But remember . . . the little boy gave to the Lord all that he had that day.
His all was small; but when multiplied, there was extra along the way.
And Jesus wants to use you. He’ll use whatever you’ve got.
You may have only a little to give, but Jesus makes a little a lot!


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