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Home? Where is that? Some people know the answer. They have lived in one location most of their lives. I admire them for their stability, but I fear they have missed out on a lot of adventures.

You see, we have moved so many times in our 56 years of marriage that people can’t keep track of us. Friends must get tired of crossing out information in their address books and finding a spot to add the new location. Actually, we have moved 24 times, and lived in 10 different states from the east to the west coast and back. That’s not counting the two years we lived in a motor home.

No, we’re not military. We just move a lot. Why? I won’t try to explain all of the reasons. But there is an explanation for each transfer of bodies and goods. Are we crazy? Or at least unstable? I’m sure people wonder sometimes.

I’m somewhat embarrassed about how all of our different jobs and locations look on a resume. But how would the apostle Paul’s resume appear to some folks? A few years here, a few there, and lots of traveling! He moved to a location where He felt led, accomplished what God had given him to do, then moved on to his next assignment. Each time new lives were touched and brought to a deeper walk with Christ. I’d like to think that is what God has done with us.

Presently we live with our daughter part of the year, and our son the other part. So I guess we still qualify as vagabonds. But do you know what? That’s exactly the way I think it should be. You see, when we become part of God’s kingdom, “this world is not my home, I’m just a-passin’ through,” as the old song says.

Hebrews 13:14 says: “This world is not our home; we are looking forward to our everlasting home in heaven.” (Living Bible) That home is permanent. But just maybe God will allow me to explore lots of territory there. And time and space will have different meanings. So I may still exercise the “gypsy spirit” within me.

Where is your real home? Do you have an address in the heavenly city?




Note: Click here (or on the album cover) to hear a song I wrote many years ago: “Thinkin’ of Goin’ Home” on the recording “Keep Walkin,” cut 9.

Donna Krieger - Keep Walkin'

Donna Krieger Keep Walkin'

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