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“Ready or not, here I come,” we used to say when we played Hide and Seek. Well, when God is the seeker, we cannot hide from Him. He is everywhere and knows all. That can be a scary or a comforting thought.

In my last blog post, “Packing My Suitcase,” I ended with the question, “Are you ready?”

Ready for that final trip to the hereafter? This morning I woke up thinking that some might not know how to be prepared for such a journey. The passage into eternity is no small matter, so we need to consider it carefully. How can we get safely from here to there?

The shortest answer is one word: JESUS. Whatever people may think of Him, most would agree that He was not a liar. So when He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me,” I believe Him. He was talking to His followers about how to get to heaven. And He was assuring them that he would take them there someday. (Read John 14:1-6.)

Some people believe that statement from Jesus is too narrow. Too exclusive. But by faith I accept what He said and what He provided when He became the perfect sacrifice necessary to exchange my sin and its consequences (separation from God) for His perfection. A clean slate with the results being the privilege of becoming God’s child. When God looks at me He sees His Son who lives in me and welcomes me into His presence. Amazing, right?

Jesus paid the entrance fee for me to join Him in His eternal kingdom. His death and resurrection guarantees that possibility. And I am forever grateful that He loved me enough to provide such an undeserved gift.

Have you received the eternal life He offers? Are you ready for life in Heaven with Him?


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